Cross Pollination – A Day in the Field

Jul 2

by donation
Child Friendly
Denman Island Community Hall

Cross Pollination - A Day in the Field

Bringing forth the inventiveness and creativity of Denman Island, this new incarnation of the outdoor music, arts, and food festival from days past, will be a fun outlet for the more avant garde side of this fine island of Denmanistan.

Musical stylings will be focused further out on the edge, with electronic, rock, jazz, dj, and experimental music – played out in the (Community Hall) field in the afternoon/evening for all to enjoy. 3-8 pm is the perfect time for a late afternoon hang out, and a chance to enjoy someone else making dinner.

Performances include Denman’s own – Megan Rose (Politicasl Synth Pop), Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Vintage Remix Band), Avro (80’s Revival), DJ Eliazar (Electro-Swing), Ron Sakolsky “Gluestick Jukebox” (old skool sound collage), Mr Bullick (experimental), Riane da Silva (dance performance) and more to be announced…

There will also be delicious food with Yogi & Bronwyn doing up some Middle Eastern treats & vegan creamsicles; Norma will be making tasty Mexican treats including tacos with home made tortillas; and Two Roads farm will be making the local carnivores happy with sandwiches and more.

This is all ages and by donation, so please come on down and share in the wackiness that makes our island so much fun…