Denman Island Studio Tour 2018

Aug 18 - Aug 19

Child Friendly
Various Denman Island Studios - download map from event website
Katerina Meglic

Denman Island Studio Tour 2018

Denman Island Studio Tour 2018


August 18-19, 10 – 5 PM – This year, the  Studio Tour offers the opportunity to visit 17 artist studios working in a wide variety of media: painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, mixed media, fibre arts, jewellery, and fine woodcraft. Go the Studio Tour Website to download a map.

The beautiful islands of the Salish Sea have long been been a haven for creative talents. Denman Island is no exception: art is not just a past time – it is a vibrant part of our economy and community. People come here to realize themselves as artists. The old rural setting, abundant wildlife, and the embrace of the sea foster a sense of security, and peace of mind. Is it at all surprising that creativity flourishes?

Yet much as we may love art, it is not always easy to buy. You wonder if you know enough, or it is really worth the money. Much of that hesitation is a result of encountering art as an impersonal object that is supposed to speak for itself, or as home decor where it is the room, and not the art that decides. Yet artists give voice to their art as much as art gives voice to them. Learning about how a work was made, the materials, hearing the artist explain how it came to be, or just meeting them, and  seeing their studio  are the best ways to get comfortable with artworks, to feel a connection, and appreciate their value. The Denman Studio Tour is a  a golden chance to do just that – experience art in the context of the artist.  It is all the difference between looking at pictures of a place, and actually going there.


Richard Menard, Carver

Shannon Ford, Painter

Sculpture by Mary Hicks


Gordon Hutchens, Ceramics

Leslie Dunsmore, painter