Kaimerata Concerts Festival 2016 – Show #3

Aug 13 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Denman Island Community Hall

Kaimerata Concerts Festival 2016 - Show #3

Chamber Music Festival August 12th to 14th, 2016

In this third edition of Kaimerata Concerts on Denman Island, we are bringing to you music from one of the most celebrated chamber music composers of all time, Franz Schubert.  Schubert did not become famous during his short life (he lived only 31 years) and his music remained mostly unknown except among his close and very supportive friends who would regularly meet in what became known as ‘Schubertiads.’ In these intimate and frequent evenings, artists and friends would unite and would listen to Schubert’s latest compositions (mostly Lieder) as well as discuss and debate politically ‘hot’ topics of the time.  Schubert’s entourage remained forever faithful to him even well after his death and were essentially responsible for his being able to live from his composing at all.  However, despite his lack of ‘commercial’ success and eternal frustrations with the artistic world around him, Schubert never stopped composing, churning out over 500 songs, 15 quartets, 2 piano trios, 2 string trios, an incredible Octet with strings and winds, a few other unusual ensembles (voice, viola, and piano or piano quintet with double bass or arpeggione and piano), not to speak of the enormous repertoire for piano, the symphonies, 15 attempts at opera, and the choral works.

The first concert on Denman Island will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Hall on Friday, August 12th.  In this festival, we have had the ‘burden’ of having to make selection among a myriad of incredible compositions.  We couldn’t resist to include some of Schubert’s best known works and maybe the most true reflection of his soul by presenting some Lieder.  We have the great priviledge of having Aline Kutan come back to our island to perform an unforgettable collection of Schubert’s Lieder.

In the same concert, we also couldn’t hold back from bringing you one of Schubert’s most profound and most autobiographical works, the long but intense Quintet for two cellos in C major.  This work is filled with gorgeous melodies, unbelievable textures and abrupt mood changes that reflect so much of what Schubert was all about: pure, genuine, talented, intensely happy, and intensely sad.    The added cello (quartet plus a cello) allows for one cellist to contribute to the colour of the upper strings and the second cellist to act as the bass (and basis) of the group. The astounding Brian Yoon, former principal cellist of the Victoria Symphony will join Ariel, David, Hiroko and myself for this performance.

On Saturday, 13th of August at 4:00 p.m., we will have more Lieder sung by Aline Kutan (how do you choose between 500 songs?!) and the exhilarating Quartet entitled “Death and the Maiden.”  This quartet is one of the most performed quartets of all classical repertoire, and you will see why.  It is virtuoso, exciting, beautiful, balanced, varied, and simply GREAT!

On Sunday, 14th of August a t 2:30 p.m., we will perform another work we couldn’t resist: the immensely popular and upbeat Trout Quintet.  Here Schubert takes a piano quartet (piano, violin, viola, cello) and adds a doublebass, with all the depth of sound and ‘humour’ that this instrument can bring.  The 4th movement is the famous set of variations set on the theme of the Lieder called the ‘Trout’ but the whole work bubbles with joy and enthusiasm.

Last but not least, Catherine and I wanted to share with you in this same concert one of the most difficult and special works of all repertoire in existence for violin and piano, the infamous Fantasy for violin and piano.  Infamous because it is extremely challenging, both technically and musically, and makes itself scarce on programs for these very reasons.  We couldn’t miss the opportunity to rise to the challenge and share with you this incredible work.

So there it is:  our little Schubertiad on Denman Island, hoping that you can come and live the music with us.