The Moving Realm of Words – Art Show

Jul 21 - Jul 30

by donation
Denman Island Arts Centre

The Moving Realm of Words - Art Show

Artists Roxanne Cowles-MacPhail, Samuel Hesse, Laurie Montemurro

Roxanne Cowles-MacPhail is a painter and a performance artist. She is using Laurie’s dance performance music as a source of inspiration for the words, which will be interpreted in her paintings. She chose to use most of the same words as Laurie, but it is inevitable that they will have their own interpretations of those words.
“Once begun, the path is always there. Study continues….Still dealing with things, just outside of control…still learning. I speak for myself….everything touches, everything else.”

Samuel Hesse is a sculptor, writer, goldsmith and industrial designer. He will be exhibiting five sculptures which will have a connection to five words he has chosen, “each one a mediation bringing life to these carvings.” His thoughts….”Words, like ourselves, are organic beings. They move, they change; they collect, connect and preserve us. Words mature. Words can be incarcerated by culture, family and peers. Words need food, water and sunlight. And for that they can offer us life.”

Laurie Montemurro is well known to islanders for her enthusiasm for performances that include dance. She has been involved in the world of dance since she was seven years old. She continually strives to establish a shared experience between the performers and the audience. Laurie is the impetus behind the idea for this show. She explains her choice of theme: “The moving realm of words is based on a construct withing which we all share the same basic vocabulary in our lives: loss, desire, dream, confusion…. Simple words which carry such significance to each individual as they encounter them. Each word creates a thread weaving a story into the very fabric of our being, a sheen to our skin, a warp to our walk. Reflecting the individual artist’s interpretation is the style of dance chosen to portray these words.”

Be sure to see The Moving Realm of Words, starring a diversely talented trio. Performances will run Friday July 21 – Sunday 23 and again Thursday July 27 – Sunday 30th.
All shows start at 3:15 and are by donation at the door. Seating will be limited.