The Tailor, with Texture & Light, and Eliazar

Nov 17 8:00pm - Nov 18

by donation
Child Friendly
Denman Back Hall

The Tailor, with Texture & Light, and Eliazar

The Tailor weaves an intricate web of sound – from his own compositions that draw you in and make you feel that you are on his couch enjoying every secret moment, to the big bass notes that make your booty shake, Taran the Tailor brings the proper west coast groove and sweet soul sound to our hearts. He has put out many albums of sweet melodies that bring about Tom Waits early years with a banjo and a soul you want to snuggle up with.


Texture & Light was formed by DJ Trevor Refix as a way to explore live instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and deep themes, while striking a balance between the dance floor and headphone day dreaming.

Trevor allows his music to lead him where it may, not putting much thought into staying inside a certain genre or following a certain formula. This is simply the music that Trevor was born to make, and it continues to evolve over space and time as he is carved by experience, joy, sadness, and wonder.

His current (2017) productions and live shows are built around the idea of bringing listeners on a fuzzy, deep, slow motion journey that takes place on a dance floor beneath the stars, but leads you deep within yourself.


Eliazar will be sharing his sounds to keep this monthly event rocking out and keeping the island dancing and seating to keep our selves happy and sane.

As per usual the event is by donation – share what you can so we can keep these fine folks traveling from afar to share their music with us.