Updraft – Recents works by Katarina Meglic

Aug 9 - Aug 19

Child Friendly
Summer Art Gallery

Updraft - Recents works by Katarina Meglic

Updraft is a two-week art show (August 9 to the 21st) at the Denman Island Summer Art Gallery.

Katarina Meglic is one of Denman Island’s best known artists. Her painting and drawing are frequently collected.

Her work is distinguished by fine draughtsmanship, and a rich, often dark palette that conveys a deep, sometimes ambiguous emotional subtext. This painting of a young girl below, gingerly crossing a stream, is full of subtle contrast. Her face is joyful and amused, while her arms, akimbo, convey tension and risk – but also, play. Her coat could be a rich, maroon velvet, as if she has escaped from some more formal occasion, yet she wears ordinary trousers.  The white collar lights up her face, suggesting innocence and fragility, yet she is up for adventure – and now is the time. It could be an imaginative portrait, or it could also be a memory of an important childhood moment. Katarina’s work always raises these questions of meaning.